Edwin Peng - 8 Feb 2016

Edwin Peng – 8 Feb 2016

Dear Officer,

I would like to praise John on his excellent service.

On 8th Feb, I went to your company for self collection of a CNY set order. On arrival, John attended to me. He was courteous and smiling all the time. John went through my orders item by item and placed the items back into the bag and zipped it back and thereafter I signed the form. However, I took out the items again and counted the items again on my own at the table outside the corridor. I then left the place. Unknowingly, I left 1 box of vegetable on the table. I then loaded my things into the car at the carpark and drove out of the building. I then receive a call from a number not in my contacts and it was John. John was panting and saying that I left behind a box of vegetable. I stopped my car by the roadside just outside the building near the upslope area and saw John running out of the building with my box of vegetable. He actually chased me down to the carpark, saw me drive the car out of the carpark and chased me on foot while trying to call me.

I am really impressed by John’s spirit of excellent, chasing after me on foot which not many people will do. Most will just give the customer a call and ask the customer to come back up to collect the left behind item. And John was still smiling after running for such a long distance and smiling as he handed me the box of vegetable. Thank you John, if not I would be short of food for my CNY guests.