Corinne (Barclays) - 9 Feb 2017

Corinne (Barclays) – 9 Feb 2017

Hi Charlotte


Thank you for personally coming down to oversee the setup yesterday.


Everyone commented food was very good especially the Baked Dang Gui Chicken, Fish with Pineapple sauce, Pineapple Spring Roll and Seafood Bee Hoon with Shredded Scallop.

Desserts were very nice too – Mochi was something different (in a good way) and the Mango Pomelo and Aloe Vera was very refreshing.

Decor with the big fortune cat and red bag and was also very innovative – it really brought out the CNY atmosphere/mood.

Vegetarian bento received good feedback too! Thoughtful in packing fruits in a cup separately.



Both types of yu sheng tasted great and were in very good quantity wise. Everyone had fun. It would be better if plastic sheets provided for us to cover our tables.

More scoops and tongs required as even though we had two queues for each buffet line, but with only one scoop/tong – it didn’t make a difference with having one line.

Drink was very concentrated in the beginning. Not sure if more ice was required.


Looking forward to working with you in the future (with more freebies please) J

Thanks again!